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Our Best 5 Hollywood Dressing Tables

If you want to take home your own piece of Hollywood glamour then check out our Top 5 Hollywood Mirror Dressing Tables!

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The old school black and white Hollywood glamour of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn was so dazzling it almost makes you forget that the 1950s was the era of the oppressed housewife. Politics and feminist agenda aside, that’s exactly how doing your makeup in a Hollywood lit mirror makes you feel, even 60 years later to the present day. No, not like an oppressed housewife, but dazzling and glamourous! At Carme Home, we specialise in illuminated dressing tables and we wanna show you our Top 5 Hollywood Mirror Dressing Tables (in no particular order, because how can you choose your favourite child).

  1. Ruby Rozanna

The Ruby Rozanna was in fact the very first dressing table sold at Carme Home. It’s an OG, and even now is still one of our bestsellers. The Ruby is proof that new doesn’t always mean better. Its oval mirror and the curved detail of the mirror arms have a vintage Parisian look. It is a timeless and versatile furniture piece, suiting both an eighteenth-century château, or your bedroom or dressing room. This Hollywood mirror dressing table features ten Hollywood bulbs which are dimmable to your preference. Use them to set the ambiance in the room, or just adjust the brightness based on your good or bad hair days. Complete with compartments and drawers for storage and a padded stool for comfort, the Ruby Rozanna is available in both white and grey.

2. Arianna Deluxe

Another of our bestselling dressing tables, the Arianna Deluxe Hollywood dressing table is a modern take on the Ruby. For those who prefer less of a fussy finish, the Arianna features a square rectangular mirror with sleek and simple mirror arms. Aside from that, it has the same ten dimmable Hollywood bulbs, as well as a matching stool and storage compartments and drawers. The drawer handles are rose gold which is another modern twist when compared to the Ruby’s crystal effect handles. The Arianna has certainly earnt its Deluxe title, and with availability in white, black and grey we have given you plenty of choice.

3. Taylor

The Taylor is one of our latest Hollywood dressing tables, and it sold out in record breaking time. Looking at the pictures, you can totally see why. It has a HUGE oversized Hollywood dressing table mirror that literally oozes glamour. It has nine Hollywood bulbs that are turned on by innovative Touch Sensor technology. It also features not only the usual storage drawers and compartments, but also a glass display tabletop. Giving off high-end department store makeup counter vibes, the Taylor is a definite winner in the Hollywood dressing table league. The Taylor comes complete with a matching padded stool and is available in white and grey.

4. Peaches X Laguna

The Peaches desktop Hollywood mirror and Laguna dressing or console table are sold individually but prove that there is power in numbers by dominating as a matching dressing table set. Fusing innovative technology with style, the Peaches X Laguna features fourteen Touch Sensor activated Hollywood bulbs which are not only dimmable, but also colour changing! Not only this, but it also features built-in Bluetooth speakers to play your fave music while you get ready, AND a built-in USB port so you can charge your phone while you get ready too! Available only as classic silver mirrored furniture.

5. Natalia X Laguna

The Natalia X Laguna are also sold individually but make more impact as a combination dressing table set. The Natalia Hollywood mirror with lights is similar to the Peaches except instead of the layered mirror frame it has sleek frameless finish. It has the same fourteen dimmable Touch Sensor Hollywood bulbs with the same triple colour change. The day setting is perfect for applying your makeup. Also try the warm setting for those sultry selfies and the cool setting for the ultimate flash photography vibe! It also has the same built-in Bluetooth speakers and USB port. The Natalia X Laguna is available not only in a silver finish, but also a gorgeous deep rose gold.

If you want to take home your own piece of Hollywood glamour you can shop our full Hollywood dressing table collection here!

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