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Hygienic Makeup Guide

Hygienic Makeup Guide and Our Top Tips

Our top tips on how to keep your makeup and makeup tools in tip top condition!

Our top tips on how to keep your makeup and tools clean

Today’s topic of conversation is makeup. More specifically, dirty makeup. While your face may be glowing your makeup bag probably looks anything but. We’re pretty sure it will have at least one, if not all, of the following: foundation smears and unwashed brushes, spoolies tangled in hair, pencil shavings from sharpening your lip and eyeliners, broken bronzers, gloopy lipgloss, and there’s always at least one sad and sorry looking beauty blender (poor thing). It’s hard work being so high maintenance, after all we can’t all be glamourous cleaning moguls like Mrs Hinch! However, with the global Coronavirus pandemic making the importance of hygiene paramount, we don’t see why that should stop at just hand sanitizing. Read on for our Hygienic Makeup Guide!

Start with a clean base; your daily cleanse, tone and moisturise skincare routine. Whether your skin is dry and flaky or prone to pesky pimples, don’t be shy to use an additional serum if your skin needs some extra TLC. Clear, flawless skin is obviously so much easier to achieve with makeup when your base actually is clear and flawless underneath. For those of us not blessed with a dewy blemish-free complexion however, there are plenty of tricks of the trade only a Google search away. Our top tip of the day is to try satin pillowcases, the fabric has less friction than cotton and also absorbs less moisture, making it the better choice not only for your skin but for your hair too.

The second step is to ensure you have clean makeup brushes; we’ve all heard of the phrase “a poor workman blames his tools” and in a sense this is the same. How regularly washing your brushes is recommended completely depends on how often you wear makeup, but at Carme HQ our advice is to wash your makeup brushes as you would your bedsheets. In the age of social media and instant gratification everyone loves a hack. Essentially a hack is how to do a simple and easy task even simpler and easier. Our makeup brush cleaning hack is to use shampoo and conditioner, these are everyday household essentials so that you don’t need to part with your precious cash purchasing specialist makeup brush cleaning products. Simply fill a bowl with lukewarm water and shampoo and condition away!

When talking about expiration dates and shelf life we’re not just referring to gone-off chicken or that questionable condiment that’s resided in your fridge for an unconfirmable amount of time. No, we’re also talking about makeup and beauty products. Ever heard of a PAO symbol? The Period After Opening symbol will be on all your lotions and potions, a number followed by the letter M which indicates the total amount of months after opening you should keep a product before throwing it away.

When it comes to makeup, sharing isn’t always caring. It can be easier said than done, like when you’re six too many Proseccos deep at bottomless brunch it’s difficult to deny a friend in need of a lipgloss touch-up. However, a clearer state of mind will know that it’s for the best to avoid sharing makeup with your friends, and even more so with strangers (and yes, even when you meet them tipsy in the ladies’ room and become bathroom besties, they are still classified as strangers). You’ll thank us when we save you from mascara sharing conjunctivitis, or God forbid a lipstick sharing cold sore!

The final step of our Hygienic Makeup Guide is storage. When you finish applying a full beat face makeup with your freshly cleaned brushes, you don’t want to then be dumping them in any old makeup bag or dressing table drawer. We recommend our portable makeup trolleys, available in rose gold or black and with Hollywood bulb mirror or LED light mirror. The Kenzie and the Mila both feature removable legs and a lock and key for the MUA on-the-go, and of course the all-important compartmental storage for brushes and makeup alike. Savvy storage aside, the makeup cases also feature built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can blast your fave playlist, as well as a built-in USB port for phone charging emergencies. Sounds perfect right? Shop here!

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