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Modern Vintage

Modern Vintage Home Styling

Explore modern vintage home styling as an interior trend with a nod towards our Sorrento Collection.

Our Sorrento Collection of dressing tables, side tables and jewellery armoires are a fusion of modern and vintage. How can something be modern and vintage when the words are an antonym of each other, you may wonder. Something can’t be early and late at the same time, nor can it be simultaneously tall and short. Think of the terms “young at heart” and “old soul” and this is how the Sorrento Collection successfully encompasses both modern and vintage qualities, by paying homage to vintage design but with a focus on modern features. So, does that make “modern vintage” an interior trend worth investing in? Let’s explore some examples and then you can decide for yourself!

The chaise lounge is pronounced SHAYZ-LONG and its literal translation from French to English is “long chair”. It’s not quite a bed but it’s not quite a chair, meaning it’s not quite for sleeping but it’s not quite for sitting either. It’s for lounging we suppose? Anyway, the chaise lounge is and always has been a luxury novelty for your dressing room or bedroom, or your “boudoir”. For the sought-after modern twist we’re recommending this customisable piece from Loaf. Not only can you decide whether you want the arm to be on the left or right, but you also have a choice of 152 fabrics to choose from. 

The chandelier is another oldie but goodie, and we suppose a modern twist for this archaic light fixture is simply the use of electricity rather than candles. Swap wrought iron for crystals, and you’ve got yourself a modern vintage chandelier! Again, as with the chaise lounge, the chandelier epitomises luxury, dazzling whichever room of the house you choose to feature it in. We love this Maytoni Lighting chandelier from Ideas4Lighting. Dripping in crystal diamante it’s the perfect statement for your bedroom, living room, or hallway. It’s high-end white gold finish also makes for more versatile décor styling as it can adapt to both silver and gold, with warm or cool hues. Shop here!

Certainly, the dressmaker’s mannequin stand is a vintage home decor dream, especially with the elegant white wire design that this one from Clanbay features. Now the question is, how to put a modern twist on something so stubbornly vintage? We can answer that in one word, “pink”. Ok so maybe we should elaborate, one word is quite limiting after all. Spray paint your dressmaker’s mannequin stand pink! We don’t mean a twee blush pink either, we mean a bold and bright vibrant neon. Try this Montana Gold spray paint in Fluorescent Gleaming Pink, the brand has a renowned reputation and is suitable for use on various surfaces.

So, if you’ve made it this far through the blog it means we’ve sold you on modern vintage furniture; yes, it is worth investing in, and if you’ve not already spent your full disposable income on a chaise lounge or cans of neon spray paint then read on for more details on our very own modern vintage Sorrento Collection. The collection is available in a soft grey and classic white, all with pretty rose gold handles. The defining vintage feature, and the signature style of the collection, is the elegant outward curved legs of each piece. The vintage dressing tables (with a modern twist!) are sold as sets. The 4- and 5-piece sets feature a Touch Sensor activated LED mirror, for that modern element. The 3-piece set goes further, with a Touch Sensor activated LED jewellery cabinet! Don’t worry though, if you want the jewellery cabinet that the 3-piece set offers but want the side tables that come with the 4- and 5-piece sets, then you can purchase the side tables separately. The jewellery armoires also feature a flip-top lid which, once opened, automatically turns on an LED light. If you’re ready to embrace modern vintage, you can shop our full Sorrento Collection here!

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