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Velvet Interior

Fall in love with velvet interior (Trust us, it’s a soft landing)

Explore fabric, colourway and texture inspiration with a nod to our new Velvet Couture dressing tables collection.

Velvet Dressing Table Collection

Just like the relationship with your on-again off-again ex (we’ve all had one at some point), interior trends are constantly coming in and out of fashion, and then back in again (and so on). Think of the 1980s hair scrunchie, now a staple in any hair accessories kit. After all, interior design is fashion for the home and what’s “in” and what looks good is important.

Velvet interior is most definitely in, just ask any budding interior designer, homeowner, online shopping addict, even anyone who has trawled the #interiorinspo hashtag on Instagram and they’ll be able to confirm it. It’s a sensory pleasure, looking good aesthetically, and soft to touch. Comfort is key.

If you know Carme Home, you’ll know we are a brand that stays ahead of the trends, with innovative technology and first-to-market products. Although we’re not claiming we invented the velvet dressing table, we dare you to find a collection like our Velvet Couture collection of velvet dressing tables; available in a selection of the most delicious pastel colours, featuring white marble effect and champagne gold detailing and including matching velvet stools and velvet chairs, a dimmable 3 colour change LED mirror and even spacious drawers for essential vanity makeup storage.

Velvet Couture Collection

So, what’s your colour palette? Do you favour slick black and white monochrome? Is your home full of beige neutrals, styled flawlessly with pampas grass? Or is it more 50 shades of grey minus the red room? Perhaps you want a pop of colour to lift a room? Whatever it may be, find your perfect colour with Velvet Couture, shop here for French Tip White and Noir Black, Sage Green, Dove Grey and Storm Grey, Ballerina Pink and Flamingo Pink.

Our next drop will also be available in two new colour shades; Baby Blue and Sexy Raspberry. Shh you heard it here first! Dying to see Velvet Couture in more colourways? Maybe rich darker jewel tones like emerald or navy? Or a broader choice of neutrals, such as mushroom or champagne? Help us to help you and let us know what you want in the comments section, your suggestion may just be in the next phase of product development. We love your feedback!

We’re sure you’re all familiar with the scalloped velvet trend. You know the vibe, feminine art deco seashell shaped furniture most commonly used for chairs and beds. Don’t get it twisted, we’re big fans of this trend it’s beaut, but we do find it can be quite limiting as it’s so statement it leaves little room to play around with the rest of the décor. We wanted to add texture and depth but in a more subtle and versatile way to ensure it sits well amongst more modern bedroom furniture, and so with our Velvet Couture collection we opted for a luxurious quilted diamond effect finish.

So, this is slightly off topic, but it would feel plain wrong writing a Velvet Interior blog and not giving special mention to the pink plush paradise that is The Gallery restaurant and brasserie at London’s Sketch, the original velvet interior inspiration, refurbished by architect and designer India Mahdavi It would be like visiting Paris and not taking a selfie with the Eiffel Tower. How do you say “missed opportunity” in French? Occasion manquée. What about “Velvet Couture”? Couture de velours. Now that sounds much better, and yes we did have to use Google translate for that. Hey, fake it till you make it!

Our Velvet Couture collection is available to purchase on our website now, and for next drop date announcements and exclusive discount codes be sure you’re following us on Instagram.

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