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Affiliate T & C’s

As an Affiliate for CARME Home Ltd/Ice Cream Living ltd, you must adhere to the Terms & Conditions set out below. These are subject to change without prior warning.



• The minimum age requirement to join the CARME Home Affiliate programme is 18 years old.
• The Affiliate programme is only eligible to UK residents.
• Information provided must be legal and accurate including, legal full name(s), a valid email address and any other relevant data requested in order to complete the sign-up process.
• You are not a confirmed affiliate until you receive written acceptance from CARME Home Ltd/Ice Cream Living Ltd providing all information. We reserve the right to reject any Affiliate request without reason.  
• Affiliate’s must contact us for exclusive voucher/discount codes and any additional incentives. Where voucher codes are provided with an expiry date, this should be clearly displayed, and code’s must be removed or marked as expired unless you are advised otherwise.
• For any queries about our products, regarding prices, dimensions, delivery and returns information, please email and a member of the team will be in touch. This is to ensure accurate information is passed on to any potential customer’s.



• Commission rate is 10% on all sales generated on single orders over £100.00 and orders to and for Mainland UK and non-Mainland UK. Orders to the Republic of Ireland and Mainland Europe are restricted and will not be eligible for commission.
• These rates are subject to change without notice or warning.
• CARME Home Ltd/Ice Cream Living Ltd reserves the right to refuse any commissions that have been generated in a fraudulent or dishonest manner. Any Affiliate found to be acting in a fraudulent or dishonest manner will be removed from the Affiliate programme and any pending commissions will be void. For more information on fraudulent or dishonest acts, see the behaviours outlines below.
• Commission will be declined or reversed for circumstances such as, but not limited to, any orders that have been cancelled, returned, an order placed for an out-of-stock item, duplicated orders or breach of programme terms and conditions.
• Commission will not be earned on purchases made by or for the Affiliate.



• Affiliate’s must always promote CARME Home Ltd/Ice Cream Living Ltd in a positive and relevant manner.
• If you wish to feature CARME on other sites that you own, please contact our team for approval.
• Affiliate sites must be complete and not under construction.
• Affiliate’s must not promote violence, discrimination, terrorism, racism, drug use, harassment, or other illegal activities.
• Use spyware or phishing techniques or be motivated by fraudulent and dishonest practices.
• Adopt black hat web practices.
• You must not work against the interest of CARME Home Ltd/Ice Cream Living Ltd.
• Affiliates are not permitted to promote CARME’s products on any Search Engines.
• Advertise sale prices against CARME products if they are not in the sale.
• All CARME Home Ltd/Ice Cream Living Ltd product prices must be promoted in GBP, unless authorised otherwise to use any other relevant currency.



All Affiliate’s must have a UK bank account in their name, payments from CARME Home will be paid via bank transfer.

Payment will be made 14 working days after delivery, please ensure that the details you provide are up to date and correct. CARME Home Ltd/Ice Cream Living Ltd will not be held responsible for commission pay outs sent to the wrong account if the details provided are not factually accurate.

It is the responsibility of the Affiliate to declare and pay and taxes on these payments and CARME Home Ltd/Ice Cream Living Ltd will be indemnified against any claims, losses, damages, or other liabilities which arise as a result of sums undeclared or unpaid.



As an Affiliate representing CARME Home Ltd/Ice Cream Living Ltd, you agree not to disclose any confidential information, either directly or indirectly, to any third party without our written authorisation to do so. You will exercise a reasonable level of care in protecting our confidential information and agreement. In particular, you agree that any Affiliate account information will not be shared with any other person(s) or company. This confidentiality agreement does not apply to information that is already publicly available, either on our social media, Website, or other Governing sites.


Intellectual Property Rights

All rights, including Intellectual Property Rights, the products sold on our website, the content on our social media, website and that which has been provided to you as part of the Affiliate Programme and related to CARME Home, is owned by CARME Home Ltd/Ice Cream Living Ltd.

As a CARME Home Affiliate, you are granted non-transferable access to use our Intellectual Property for the purpose of promoting our products in accordance with the Terms. However, you are not transferred any rights in respect of our brand, trade names, or trademarks and any other association.

You agree you will not use any trademarks or trade names which resemble our own marks and/or names, and which would likely cause any confusion or deception to third parties. If any infringement of our Intellectual Property Rights comes to your attention, you agree to let us know as soon as you are reasonably able to.

The correct pronunciation of CARME Home is CAR-MAY.



The agreement can be ended at any time, with or without reason by giving the other party written notice. The Affiliate in question can terminate their agreement by emailing In the event that any of the terms outlined above are breached, this agreement will be terminated with immediate effect.