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We love all types of mirrors, however one style that we love and know is sure to make a statement is our Hollywood mirror dressing table. They offer the perfect dressing table set up for all beauty lovers and make up gurus. As they say to create a flawless make up look you must have the best lighting as this can make all the difference to your application.

Shop our hottest Hollywood mirror dressing tables makeup stations with LED lights vanity mirror. Hollywood dressing tables fetures mirror lights with dimmer and Plug-in wall socket to ensure your makeup vanity table is illuminated enough bright to let you shine!

Are you are looking for the on trend Dressing table mirror with lights that can also double up as a subtle light to create a soft ambiance within your room. With features including dimmable Hollywood Mirror bulbs, touch sensor power button and colour change lighting for the perfect glow.

The large Hollywood bulbs create a timeless, luxurious look. Its easy to see why The Hollywood mirror dressing is still as popular now as well as in the classic movie star films.
For the most gram worthy pics the Taylor Hollywood Mirror Dressing Table available in white or grey has a glass tabletop to showcase all your favourite beauty and skincare products.
With nine LED light bulbs framing the large mirror which turn on with an innovative touch sensor. Not only this, but the bulbs have three different colour settings in cool, warm and day.

Showcase your most luxury beauty buys with the glass tabletop, not only displaying your fave bits and bobs but adding that touch of opulence. Finishing off this must have dressing table is the matching padded stool.

The Halle Hollywood Mirror, Peaches and Willow Hollywood Mirrors can be paired with the Laguna Mirror dressing table or the Ivy Mirrored Dressing Table to make a complete dressing table set.

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