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Showing all 13 results

We love our collection of mirror jewellery cabinets and jewellery armoires. They are the perfect functional and stylish addition to any bedroom or dressing room. We have an array of styles from the Renee which features a sleek frameless design, this innovative touch sensor LED mirrored jewellery cabinet will fit with any décor. The soft interior black velvet lining will protect your jewellery from any scratches or other damage. Complete with interior shelving, necklace and bracelet hooks, a ring holder, and an earring bar.

It’s easy to see why the Nikita is our bestselling full-length mirror jewellery cabinet as it’s offers the most storage out of all our standing cabinets.

Keep all your necklaces, earrings and necklaces organized and on hand for your convenience. Nikita mirror jewellery cabinet is a full-length freestanding frameless mirror with six small drawers, hooks and holders for all your necklaces and bracelets and earrings. Use the velvet padded inserts and hooks to keep all your earrings neatly together and stored away. Use the internal LED mirror for a last-minute check before you go out.

The Zoey white mirrored jewellery cabinet comes framed with LED lights. The piece even has a holder on its side perfect for a hairdryer. Or beauty tools, stylish and functional, savvy storage is what we do best. The Zoey is a popular choice for any beauty addict.

Don’t miss out if space is an issue, this jewellery cabinet can either be wall mounted or door hung depending on your preference, a space saving solution. Or if you want a glow, up try the Crystal White LED mirrored jewellery cabinet a full-length mirror illuminated with LED lights that can also be wall hung or door mounted. The Crystal mirror also has an extra storage compartment. All our jewellery cabinets are easy assembly and battery operated.