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eGift cards can only be purchased on website The eGift card will be activated once purchased. The minimum purchase amount to activate the eGift card is £20 and the maximum amount is £500. eGift cards may be purchased in Pounds Sterling (£), Euro (€) and American Dollar ($). May be used by the purchaser or given as a gift.


Period Of Validity

12 months expiry from the date of purchase. Any remaining balance after the expiry of the eGift card will be cleared and not refunded. Gift cards should be treated like cash; IceCream Living Ltd trading as Carme will not be responsible nor accept liability for lost eGift cards. Carme will not be responsible if an incorrect email address has been provided at the time of purchase. It is the consumers responsibility to ensure this is correct before purchasing.


Gift Card Exclusions

eGift cards can NOT be returned, refunded or exchanged for cash. You cannot use Klarna to purchase an eGift card. Carme reserves the right to amend, waive or add any further terms and conditions when necessary. Notice of any changes to those terms and conditions will be displayed on our website Carme reserves the right to refuse redemption of an eGift card if we reasonably believe that it has been altered, copied, corrupted or otherwise used in a fraudulent way. An order confirmation of the gift card will be sent to the purchaser as proof of purchase. By purchasing an eGift card you confirm that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions.



eGift cards can only be redeemed via our website and not any other selling platform that we may be on. Cannot be exchanged for cash, to buy another gift card or to clear Klarna instalments. Goods of a higher price may be purchased with the gift card however the remaining difference must be paid with a different payment method (this cannot be Klarna). If you do not spend the entire balance on the eGift card, the remaining balance will be updated after each transaction.


Returning Item(‘s) Purchased With Gift Card

If you purchase goods online (in full) using an eGift card, after your item has been returned, your refund will be credited onto a new eGift card and will not include cash or bank transfer. If you purchase goods online in excess of the value of the eGift card and pay (in part) using an eGift card and the remaining balance by other means of payment, then once your item has been returned, the amount you paid via eGift card will be credited to a new eGift card and the amount paid by other means of payment will be credited using the same payment method.