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How To Create A Luxury Dressing Room

When decorating a house and creating that luxury aesthetic there are certain rooms that you may prioritise and others that are at the bottom of the to do list. Are you still doing your makeup sat on the floor? In front of a mirror using natural light when you can but otherwise struggling to see the shades of your bronzer or blusher.

Now is the time to give yourself the space you deserve, make this year about you, and prioritise self-care! No matter how much time you have to yourself for your daily getting ready routine or end of the day skin care, having your own dedicated space is essential in creating a relaxing and streamlined routine. 

The best part is that you can create a luxury dressing room space on any budget and with any space available. Creating a luxury beauty space can be easily achieved with a few simple steps, attention to detail, quality products and a thoughtful design.

In this blog we’ll talk about the steps you can take to create a luxury dressing room.

How to Create A Luxury Dressing Room

Choosing Your Space and Planning the Layout

The foundation of any dressing room or beauty space is a well thought out design and layout. Asses your available space and choose a room or area with plenty of space, consider factors such as privacy, the use and functionality of the room, the natural lighting.

Planning a layout that makes sense for you and how you use your space is key to creating a luxury dressing room, consider factors such as storage needs and lighting requirements to help you make your decision of how-to layout your space.

Having a well thought out design helps you maximise your available space, creating a functional and organised space with everything easy to hand creates a calm and relaxing routine.

Furnishing and Storage

Selecting furniture is the next step in creating that luxury space, no matter your interior style there’s something to suit all tastes. Our dressing tables, stools and jewellery cabinets have many styles that will suit all interiors and elevate any space. Whether you prefer gold, silver, or black accents we have them all. The contrasting accents adds a luxury feel to a space, creating visual interest and balance in a space emphasising stand out features.

If your short of space be clever about the style of furniture you choose, a jewellery cabinet is the perfect choice for streamlining your daily routine and maximising those small spaces. With dedicated spaces for each of your jewellery pieces, space to store essential beauty products and a mirror, you’ll have everything you need! Go for a door hung or wall mounted jewellery cabinet for a luxury upgrade to those small spaces.

If you have a large dressing room make the most out of your space with a dressing table and jewellery cabinet combination. The ultimate luxury dressing room set up, a dressing table complete with storage drawers, a mirror and stool with comfortable seating is the perfect space to get ready, a jewellery cabinet with a full length mirror is perfect for that final outfit check and keeping your jewellery organised and protected from scratches.

For a lower budget, add a table top mirror or stool to your current set up for a luxury addition to your set up. Look at our under £150 category for a luxury upgrade for less or head to our clearance section for up to 50% off luxury items, while stocks last!


Lighting plays an important part in how a dressing room or beauty space feels, highlighting key features and creating a luxury dressing room. Incorporating a mix of natural and artificial light achieves the perfect balance.

Consider using customisable lighting to control the ambience of the room and give you the perfect glow for your daily routine. Natural lighting isn’t consistent, a mirror with lighting is a good choice for when you’re doing your night-time skin care, beauty prep, makeup application, hair styling or even taking that perfect selfie.

An LED or Hollywood light mirror is the perfect choice for a luxury dressing room, with various size options to fit into any space. The lighting strip framing the mirror provides a bight even illumination which is flattering and helps eliminate any shadows making it easier to achieve makeup.

Many of our mirrors are customisable and can be easily controlled with the tap of a touch sensor to control the brightness and the colour setting. With three colour options to choose from for the perfect lighting for each step of your routine.

Decorative Accents and Finishing Touches

How you style your space is important to help bring the room together, adding accessories can add to the aesthetic of a space. Adding pops of colour can be an easy way to stay on trend with popular colours and seasonal trends, bringing nature indoors is a great way to add colour and texture to a space. Add candles and your favourite scents to create a relaxing atmosphere and prints or framed photos to add a personal touch to your space. 

If you need some more inspiration for that luxury dressing room or beauty space click here to shop all.

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