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Are you tired of rummaging through a cluttered closet or spending too much time getting ready in the morning? It’s time to transform your space into a dream dressing room that reflects your style and simplifies your routine.

The best part? You can create the dressing room of your dreams on any budget. Whether you’re working with a tight purse string or have a bit more flexibility, we will help you design a stylish and functional dressing room or getting ready space that you’ll love stepping into every day.

Plan Your Dream Dressing Room Layout

Firstly, it’s important to think about the layout of your room and how you can maximise your space. Whether you’re working with a spacious spare room or a corner of your bedroom, planning the layout is important to get the most out of your space! Consider the flow of the space and how you’ll move around as part of your daily routine. Lighting in a dressing room is key, if possible, utilise natural light.

At Carme Home many of our dressing tables are complete with a mirror with either LED or Hollywood lighting so don’t worry if your space doesn’t have the best lighting, we’ve got your back! If you’re upgrading your current dressing table set up Carme Home have a variety of LED or Hollywood mirrors to choose from!

For that budget friendly space saving solution we recommend Katie jewellery cabinet, at just £85 she has it all! Surrounded with LED bulbs the rectangular mirror is perfect for doing your hair and makeup. The internal jewellery storage has a space for all of your jewellery pieces with a protective velvet lining completing the cabinet. There is also storage space for your favourite makeup and beauty bits. If that wasn’t enough to convince you she can be wall mounted or placed on a table top, the ultimate flexible piece that will fit into any beauty space!

For a larger budget and a full dressing room upgrade we recommend one of our combinations, combining best selling dressing tables and jewellery cabinets that are a perfect pairing and will upgrade your beauty routine. We love Taylor x Nikita for that glam Hollywood look, providing even flattering lighting, choose from warm, cool or daylight colour setting for the perfect light for beauty prep, makeup application or hair styling.

The full length mirror of Nikita is complete with jewellery storage for all of your favourite pieces, there really is a space for everything! Say goodbye to untangling jewellery every time you get ready and with the velvet lining your jewellery is protected from any scratches. There is also a handy LED light mirror and drawers perfect for storing your beauty and skin care products.

Get Creative with Storage

Effective storage is an essential part of creating that dream dressing room, having your beauty products and jewellery pieces neatly organised and within easy reach will save time and create a relaxing routine. We understand the importance of a functional beauty space and we definitely don’t compromise on style! We have created the perfect products to elevate both your beauty space and routine.

Emilie is the perfect solution to keep a space organised and tidy while adding style to your interior, the flip top lid reveals a mirror illuminated with LED light and a nine compartment makeup organiser, there is a designated space for all your beauty essentials. Complete with a storage drawer she even comes complete with a handy hair dryer holder! Everything has it’s place, this new found organisation is guaranteed to save you time getting ready in the mornings. You won’t know how you managed without!  

Many of our dressing tables come with a matching padded stool, check out Gabriella and create a dressing room to envy with the gold accents, LED mirror and plenty of drawers, her matching stool even has storage!

At just £130 Caitlyn is perfect for those small beauty spaces and is the perfect budget friendly piece, adding a luxury upgrade to your morning routine. The sleek white frame is accompanied with a full-length mirror ideal for that final outfit check before heading out for the day. Inside the jewellery cabinet you will find a black velvet lined interior designed to prevent any scratches on your jewellery. All your jewellery pieces have a designated space, say goodbye to untangling your necklaces! There are even storage spaces for your beauty and skin care products. The perfect vanity set up. 

Stay Budget Friendly By Mixing and Matching Furniture

You don’t need to invest in a full matching furniture set to transform your dressing room. Your beauty space can be elevated with a few simple pieces, our table top mirrors are the perfect example of a budget friendly luxury piece that can add style to your beauty space.

The sleek round frame of Belle is the perfect addition sure to complement any décor and add that touch of luxury to your space. The LED light strip surrounds the mirror creating that perfect even lighting, easily controlled with a touch sensor to control the colour setting and the brightness. Creating the perfect ambience and glow! Whether you’re styling hair, applying makeup or plucking those brows there’s a benefit to each light setting! Available in both gold and silver Belle will seamlessly fit into any interior.

A simple and budget friendly way to transform a dressing room is to add that bit of luxury comfort, and we have got your back with our selection of stools.  If you just simply want to add those finishing touches to your dressing room, or even stop doing your makeup on the floor (we’ve all been there!). Our stools are the perfect option for a low cost addition to your vanity set up. The padded velvet fabric will add luxury to your home. The playful charm and padded velvet seat of the Santorini chair is guaranteed to add comfort to your routine! 

Shop our products under £150 for perfect budget friendly pieces.

Invest in Key Pieces For a Dream Dressing Room You Will Love For Years to Come

When creating that dream dressing room it’s important to remember that these are pieces that you will keep for years to come. A dressing table or jewellery cabinet is a worthy investment and spending that little bit of your dressing room budget more on those key pieces will add luxury to your space.

We recommend the Luminous collection, a true customer favourite and one we know you will love! The chic styles are accompanied with circular LED light mirrors, spacious storage and contrasting accents and matching stools!

If you want to make a statement dressing room take a look at our mirrored furniture, Ivy and Laguna combined with our LED or Hollywood mirrors are real showstoppers.

Incorporate Your Style

Your dream dressing room should reflect your personal style and taste. Whether you prefer minimalistic, vintage, or modern aesthetics we have a style for you and when you’re styling your new piece of furniture don’t forget to incorporate elements that reflect you, whether it’s a your favourite photo framed taking pride of place on your dressing table top or a few candles and perfumes to create that ultimate relaxing environment, with our tips you’re sure to create a dressing room that you love walking into everyday! No matter your budget with Carme Home it is easy to achieve your dream dressing room!

We also offer Klarna and Clearpay options to help you get more out of your budget and spread that cost a little more and give you that luxury space for less. 

In need of more inspiration? Browse all of our products here.

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