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How to make the most of the LED 3 colour settings. Introducing Lucia!

Do you ever look in a mirror when you’re out and your makeup doesn’t look quite the colour you expected? We have got your back with Lucia LED mirror. We have put together a guide to Lucia’s light settings and how to use them.

We all know that lighting can make or break a makeup look. Whether you’re aiming for a natural daytime glam or a sultry evening allure, the quality, direction, and intensity of light can work wonders. Let’s face it, finding the perfect natural light isn’t always a walk in the park. That’s where we come in, designed exclusively by Carme Home, a sleek large round gold frame packed full of features; Lucia is the mirror you didn’t know you needed!

Chic Style

Lucia Gold LED Mirror

Lets start with the basics, Lucia is right on trend with the round mirror design and contemporary frame ensuring she seamlessly blends with any interior. The Lucia is the perfect addition to any room, she’s sure to add style to any bedroom or dressing room. A sleek modern versatile design, guaranteed to upgrade any room! The large tabletop mirror is the perfect addition to any beauty station, taking pride of place on your dressing table, alongside your favourite beauty products.

Illuminate with LED

The mirror of Lucia is surrounded by a LED light. Having the light surrounding the mirror ensures you get perfect even light for your when you’re applying your make up, eliminating those shadows making it easier to achieve the perfect makeup.

Benefits of having LED lights are:

– Long lifespan

-Energy efficient

-Produce less heat

Now, we mentioned that Lucia has many features – for quick and easy use turning the light on is as simple as one touch. The LED lights are activated and controlled by a touch sensor, simply hold the touch sensor to effortlessly increase the brightness. Release the touch sensor and hold again to decrease the brightness.

Choose Your Colour Setting

Now we have the basics of the Lucia covered, the three light settings are a standout feature and we’re here to explain how you can make the most of each light setting and achieve the perfect makeup look! Once the lights are on, simply tap to choose from the three colour settings. 

Warm Light

The large round mirror of the Lucia is perfect for getting ready in the morning and ending your day. The warm light can effortlessly create a cosy atmosphere for relaxation and a chilled vibe during night-time skincare routine! Add a scented candle to your complete your dressing table set up. The warm light setting reduces visibility of imperfections, enhances the skin’s natural warmth and glow, making this setting ideal for getting that perfect selfie. This setting is also perfect for hair styling as it provides a softer illumination.

Cool Light

Helping to provide a bright and clear illumination the cool light setting helps you see skin textures and enhances the visibility of blemishes and imperfections on the skin. This setting is best used for beauty prep, the bright cool light ensures you can see clearly making it handy for things such as plucking eyebrows.

Day Light

The daylight setting is the closest resemblance to natural light, allowing you to see your skin tone, makeup shades and textures more accurately. This setting is great for achieving that perfect makeup look! The bright illumination is essential for precise colour matching and blending.

Simply plug in your Lucia and you’re good to go! Perfect makeup awaits.

With many mirrors at Carme Home featuring three colour light settings if the Lucia isn’t what you’re looking for shop our whole range here.

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