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velvet dressing table ibiza dove grey

2022 Interior Trend Predictions

We reviewed and analysed the interior trends of the past year, and compared them with current search trends on Google, Pinterest and Instagram, making educated guesstimates based on our research.

At Carme HQ we’ve done the hard work for you and sourced the top interior design trends predicted for the new year 2022. Whether you decide to take them or leave them, these are the major interior design trends for 2022 that we think are worth considering.

Multifunctional Space

The Covid-19 global pandemic and government mandated lockdown brought about an era of mass remote working. With what we once thought was a temporary situation now becoming a permanent way of working, it’s time to invest in your home office. If you don’t have the space to dedicate an entire four walls with square footage to the cause, we have the perfect solution. The Selena is one of our bestselling dressing tables, it has a flip-top lid which opens to reveal an automatic LED light mirror and internal storage compartments. When open, it is the dressing table of your dreams, and when closed it makes the perfect desk space. The Selena comes complete with a matching padded stool, so simply pop your laptop on the desktop and be hashtag WFH ready.

Trend predictions

Smart Furniture

Integrating user-friendly smart technology into the home is undoubtedly a trend prevalent in both the consumer technology and interior design industries. Just take for example devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Nest. Our furniture has a variety of smart technology integrated features, including touch sensor activation, dimmable and colour changing lights, not to mention built-in Bluetooth speakers, USB ports and universal plugs; play music while you get party ready, charge your phone to last all night and minimise your plug socket requirements. With Carme Home you can give Alexa the night off.

trend predictions

Rounded Furniture

If you follow home décor trends on social media, then we’re sure you’ve noticed the interior influencers of the Instagram world all adopting rounded furniture. Curves are in and offer a Scandinavian vibe to your home. Scandinavian and Nordic are terms used interchangeably in the interior design vocabulary, and in this instance, they invoke the same style of simple silhouettes with an artisanal and cosy feel. If you want the Scandi style while staying ahead of the trends, we recommend incorporating rounded furniture into your home with our Ibiza Bohemia, Pastel Paradise and French Riviera dressing tables. These pieces are all from our Velvet Couture collection of velvet dressing tables and are circular in shape. Each dressing table even comes complete with a circular LED mirror and a matching rounded stool.

Studio living
Studio living
Trend predictions


In our A/W Interior Trends 2021 blog we had an entire feature on black, pitching it as a colour to use all year round and one of the top interior colour trends for 2022. No longer only synonymous of goth culture, black oozes high-end appeal and is typically used in more contemporary luxurious homes. We love black bifold doors, black fitted fixtures, and black dressing tables. Our Arianna Deluxe, Savannah, Bali Sunset and Monaco Nights dressing tables all come in black and are the perfect way to add a dramatic and moody tone to your bedroom or dressing room, somehow managing to be statement, and understated at the same time. A colour that doesn’t clash and is easier to keep clean, it’s a classic not to be overlooked.

Trend predictions

If you’re feeling inspired by our trend predictions for the new year 2022, share this blog with your family and friends and let us know in the comments section below; we love your feedback!

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