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The Best Way to Light Your Face for Perfect Makeup

How do we get perfect makeup? One key factor is lighting! Carme Home have got your back with many of our mirrors offering LED or Hollywood lights that are not only dimmable but also have three colour light settings to choose from! We have created this handy guide to help you choose the best lighting for achieving a flawless look. In the world of makeup application, lighting is everything.

Firstly, lighting affects how you see tones and shades. Our mirrors have adjustable brightness settings and colour changing lights including warm, day and cool to help you apply your makeup with the right colour setting. Understanding the best use for each is key in achieving that perfect look.

Lucia Gold Frame Touch Sensor Mirror with LED Lights. How to light your face for perfect makeup blog image.

Have you ever looked in the mirror with perfect lighting and thought you had a luminescent glow, only to look in harsher light later and discover your complexion looks totally different? Using the wrong type of lighting, that is either too warm or cool can result in applying the wrong shades of foundation and over application of bronzers and blusher.

At Carme Home we have a variety of LED and Hollywood bulb products that have dimmable and three colour light settings but before we tell you our favourites we have broken down each colour setting and explained the benefits of each. Whether it be for the perfect eye makeup, selfie or hair styling, there is a benefit to each!

Read on to discover the benefits of each colour setting!

Warm Setting

Harlow Silver Hollywood Mirror Warm Light Setting

Warm light can help to reduce the visibility of imperfections and blemishes on the skin, creating a smoother and more even complexion. This can make it easier to achieve a desired look. We recommend using the warm light setting for hair styling as the softer light gives less illumination.

The warm light can enhance the natural warmth and glow of your skin, making it look healthier and more vibrant. The flattering and soft lighting created by this setting is ideal for getting that perfect selfie! Another benefit of this colour setting is the cosy atmosphere it creates, perfect for winding down and relaxing after a long day. Why not add a relaxing scented candle to your dressing table for an ultimate chilled atmosphere when doing that night time skin care routine!

Day Setting

Harlow Silver Hollywood Mirror Day Light Setting

For the perfect makeup look we recommend choosing the daylight option as this is the closest resemblance to natural daylight, giving a true reflection of colours and intensity (saving you from those harsh lines and a patchy finish). Allowing you to see your skin tone, makeup shades and textures more accurately the bright illumination of this setting is essential for precise colour matching and blending.

The day light setting creates a balanced and even lighting environment which can help reduce the appearance of shadows on your face making it easier to achieve the perfect makeup!

Cool Setting

Harlow Silver Hollywood Mirror Cool Light Setting

The cool light setting provides a clear, bright illumination that helps to see your skin tone and textures more accurately, cool light can enhance the visibility of blemishes, discolouration and imperfections on the skin. This setting would be best used for beauty prep, with it being the brightest setting you can see more clearly what you are doing making it extremely useful for plucking eyebrows, dermaplaning or tinting eyelashes and brows.

Our Top Picks

For the ultimate perfect make up look a dressing table is essential for storing all of your beauty favourites and making getting ready as easy as possible. Many of our mirrors are available to buy separately, or why not take a look at our combinations for a full set! Below are some of our recommended products.

Harlow x Ivy

Harlow x Ivy Hollywood mirror dressing table.

If Hollywood is your style, then you will love the Harlow x Ivy silver Hollywood mirror dressing table, the perfect addition to any bedroom or dressing room. The Harlow Hollywood mirror is the perfect oversized mirror for any dressing table, complete with fourteen Hollywood LED bulbs. Simply use the touch sensor to switch between the three colour settings and the dimmer switch to adjust your brightness. Packed full of features, with the intergrated USB and bluetooth speakers you can connect your phone to play music or a podcast to suit your self-care evening or get you in the mood for going out.


If you prefer LED, then the sleek Gabriella white dressing table is our suggestion, with a more understated mirror the gold frame compliments the gold tone of the legs of the Gabriella perfectly. Complete with five drawers and a padded stool with a lit up lid for extra storage your sure you have room for all of your beauty essentials. The removable mirror is illuminated with an LED light, simply use the touch sensor to change between the three colour settings. This dressing table is a perfect addition to dressing room or bed room!


If you’re looking for a table top mirror to complete your getting ready station then we recommend Belle, a sleek gold framed mirror that is an essential for any dressing room or bedroom! Effortlessly control the LED light with the touch sensor and choose between the three colour light settings. Your new beauty best friend!

Why not take advantage of our pay in instalment options with Klarna or Clearpay and start achieving that perfect makeup look today!

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