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Laguna x Halle dressing table

The Best Way to Light Your Face for Perfect Makeup

We have created this handy guide to help you choose the best lighting for achieving a flawless look. In the world of makeup application, lighting is everything.

Lighting affects how you see tones and shades. Our mirrors have adjustable brightness settings and colour changing lights including warm, day and cool to help you apply your makeup with the right colour setting.

Have you ever looked in the mirror with perfect lighting and thought you had a luminescent glow, only to look in harsher light later and discover your complexion looks totally different?

Using the wrong type of lighting, that is either too warm or cool can result in applying the wrong shades of foundation and over application of bronzers and blusher.

Read on to discover the benefits of each colour setting!

Warm Setting

Warm lights can be used for taking the perfect selfie after finishing your makeup to get that golden hour glow.

We would suggest using this light setting once your makeup is done for styling your hair as warm lighting gives a softer light meaning less illumination.

We wouldn’t recommended this setting to apply your makeup as the hue is warmer meaning you wouldn’t get an accurate sense of colour.

Day Setting

For the perfect setting we would recommend choosing the Day option as this is the closest resemblance to natural daylight, giving a true reflection of colours and intensity (saving you from those harsh lines and a patchy finish).

Do you love those ring light selfie’s? Then you will love this setting to capture your Insta pics once you are full glam. This is our most popular setting recommend by makeup artists, our influencers and our lovely girls at our Head Office.

Cool Setting

The cool light setting would be best used for beauty prep, with it being the brightest setting you can see more clearly what you are doing making it extremely useful for plucking eyebrows, dermaplaning or tinting eyelashes and brows.

We wouldn’t recommend cool lighting for applying makeup as it tends to have a blue hue which can be very harsh and bright.

Our Recommendations

Halle Silver Hollywood Mirror

If Hollywood is your style, then you will love our Halle, the perfect oversized mirror for any dressing table. Use the touch sensor to switch between the three colour settings and the dimmer switch to adjust your brightness, connect your Bluetooth to play music or a podcast to suit your self-care evening or get you in the mood for going out.

Miami Deco Velvet Dressing Table

If you prefer LED, then Miami Deco is our suggestion, with a more understated and simpler mirror and a luxurious expensive looking dressing table. Featuring a removable mirror illuminated with an LED light, simply use the touch sensor to change between the three colour settings. Getting ready at a friends? Take the mirror with you, never compromise on good lighting!

All of our Velvet Dressing Tables include the three-color setting.

Kenzie Hollywood Makeup Trolley

For the makeup obsessed we recommend the Kenzie, with ultimate storage and space to keep your hair styling tools. Use the remote to switch between the three colour settings and dim the lights to your chosen brightness. Style as a statement piece in a bedroom or dressing room or simply remove the legs and use as a travel case, set up your glam station anywhere.

All of our Makeup Trolleys include the three-colour setting.

We hope you found these tips on lighting useful and hope they help you in improving your makeup application skills!

We would love to see your dressing room set up with your CARME Home piece, tag us on Instagram @carme_home

Love the CARME Home Team


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